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It is better to be unattractive with purity than to be beautiful and sleep around. i hope …..



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Today, I went to the funeral woman who had been married for 55 years with the same man. She got married when he was 20 years old and die the last week at the age of 75. Have a great lady And I love her very much. MyGrandmother both died before my parents were married. And I was born after that they were married. This woman would like a grandmother to me. Because I’m a woman I put more time learning about the Bible to her that her husband they were not pastor. They both lead gender based Bible Bible study. He was in charge of the men’s you’re up and he helped out with the women’s group. Other than all that I know her better than I knew him. Which is appropriate as I am a woman 50 years his junior. There are good women out there they are very hard to find. Made both did a girl with under the age of 17. The younger she is when you get her the better off she will be a keeper.

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To find a rd pill therapist in my area. Since i not dumb enough to put my exact location on the inerwebs, I need to know to looking for. Scott or brother boxer any advice.

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I’m watching this guy since Monday so far I like what has to say. Not sure if we was divorce or just realize the power dynamic changing in he 30s . Is it by two women seem to be a true good nice more along of you fuck up but hope if you do the hard work… and not just you fuck up have a painful death bitch.

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a girl I don’t like is getting marry go for her šŸ˜šŸ˜ŠšŸ˜Š

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Today I went to work. I only have the big 25 people. I brought cookies. The man I love did not text me. All in all it was a pretty good day

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. My father recommended Him to me. It’s hard to take but it’s very true

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